I haven’t published a post on here for a long time because Alvi and I went away for awhile. The reason for our sudden departure cannot be spoken of here at this time. But let me say that it was very difficult for us to get away. We had to suddenly close up our lighting shop, and leave the very same night when we heard the news, the news that sent us away, the reason for our sudden departure. But while we were away, we did manage to have some precious moments near the coast that I will always treasure and never forget. We saw the most stoic and yet comforting lighthouse on our journey. The light from this lighthouse lit the way for many seaman when they thought they were lost in darkness out at sea in a stormy night. We climbed her tower and looked out her windows. I felt a certain ominous melancholy for some reason as I watched the waves of the sea coming and going, ever onward.



Alvie and I got to walk around a lot of cities while we were away. We saw many wonderful, beautiful sights, and awesome looking light fixtures, but we also witnessed many tragic and dreadful sights. Just what these horrible sights were I cannot say, although I wish I could. Suffice it to say, that the reason we had to flea our beloved home had to do with witnessing these dreadful places and events.

But like I said, all was not dreadful. We still made many memories that I will keep close to my heart forever. Alvie got to swim again, something he hasn’t had time to do in ages. It was so good seeing him in his element. His muscles are more refined and larger than they seemed at home. It was good to get away. We began to appreciate each other a little more and what we have that is so dear to us at home.



Windy City Bright Lights

So I just got back home to my beach home after taking a nice trip to the beautiful windy city of Chicago, Illinois. I have always heard a lot about the city and was very interested in seeing it first hand. My Husband had a cold the entire time so I ended up discovering much of the big city on my own. I went to the Sears towers, which were enormous, I’ve seen many pictures of it but couldn’t believe my eyes when I actually stood at the door step and looked up at the gigantic structure.

I would have to say my favorite part of the trip was going to the Famous Wrigley Field where my favorite baseball team plays the Chicago Cubs. The ivy in the outfield surrounding the stadium is beautiful and the old style heritage of the park is breath taking.

As you know my husband and I are in to barn lights, primarily different types of copper light fixtures. I couldn’t tell you how many times we came across cool vintage copper barn lights. They have a few outside of Wrigley Field that was the best looking copper light I’ve ever seen. They look really similar to this below.

copper barn lights

copper barn lighting fixture


Even at our hotel we were staying at which had a nice vintage feel to it, they had some awesome copper barn lights hanging from they ceiling. I was absolutely fascinated by these lights and so i did some research on the internet and came across a website that had very nice looking copper barn lights. Anyways gotta run, see you guys next time!

A Little About Me

I am a wife, grandmother, beach walker, writer, photographer, and dog lover all in one. Oh and did I mention, my husband and I also own a boutique shop right in front of the beach that specializes in farm and barn lighting?

My husband and I started our own antique light shop about five years into our marriage–we’ve been married for 33 years, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about lights.

We specialize in restoring vintage barn lights of all kinds. We work on chandeliers, barn lights, industrial lights, rustic barn lighting. Over the years we’ve seen it all. Boy, I tell ya! Some people bring us the most rusted and oxidized shades that look unsalvageable, but we always try our best to salvage old lights. It’s what we do.  We also sell new commercial quality lights that look a lot like the ones sold at We love their lights because they have so much character! They aren’t your typical modern lights–they have a little vintage quality about them, which we love. Just take a look!


18" Gooseneck Barn Lighting Black


The Buckeye Gooseneck 18" Shade

Don’t get me wrong, talking about barn light fixtures and working is not all my husband and I do. We have made it a priority to spend as much quality time with each other as possible. In fact, we close the shop three days out of the week. And we also close on all major holidays. This gives us time to enjoy our kids and our grand kids. They love that our home is right by the beach, and they get to run around without anyone telling them to slow down. I adore my grand kids and I cherish every moment they are around.

So, that’s a little bit about me. I plan on posting regularly, since this is a great space for me to reflect on myself, my life, and my journey.